#UnprocessingMe Day 7: Crazy Day

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Today was one of those days. My hubby brought breakfast from Starbucks, but instead of choosing the healthy option, I defaulted back to my old favorites: Bacon Gouda sandwich (9 Weight Watchers PPV) + Iced Nonfat Raspberry Mocha (9 PPV). That’s more than half my points for the day and not very #unprocessed.

The day was non-stop-busy-but-fun, and it passed by so fast, I’m having to stop and think exactly what did we do and what did I eat! 

I left work and went to pick up the kids at school. I hadn’t had lunch, so I got some grilled nuggets at Chick fil A (4 PPV). Not too bad! The Coke & fries, though? Not my smartest choice of the day.

What was SUPER interesting was that I could barely sip that Coke. It was way too syrupy. In just a week of trying to eat healthier, I’m already seeing some changes.

After school, this made two days in a row of After-School Starbucks for the kids, with a side of temptation for Mommy. ?

I gave in & had another mocha (second one today.) Yikes! I’m going downhill! And I ordered a cookie. Now, we’re picking up steam down that hill.

I took a bite of the cookie and thought to myself: what the HECK are you doing?!

I put the rest of the cookie in the bag, sealed it and threw it away. And then I patted myself on the back. Gotta give praise & build up that motivation! 🙂

The kids and I had a BLAST,  on our 50 minute drive to the church music rehearsal. Lots of fun, chatting, laughing and joking around. Yay!
Then, we just stayed busy & had fun at the church youth service. It was awesome!

By the time we were done, it was after 8pm and we ended up eating dinner out with friends. 

Had I not been attempting to eat healthier, everything would have gone out the window. I probably would’ve had soda, fried rice. Etc…

But, in part thanks to my hubby’s encouragement, we both chose water & I got brown rice and steamed chicken. Yeah!

So yes, it was a crazy day, not all the choices were good, but I’m planning on celebrating the little victories & hopefully seeing more good choices start to add up and turn into habits. 

Here’s to keeping it going.