#UnprocessingMe Days 8 & 9: Can I just call this an “Early Weekend?”

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These past two days, Thursday & Friday, have been a hectic blur of busy-ness. I have to admit, I have not made the best choices when it comes to food.

But the rest of the week was awesome! So there’s that.

And today was the first time in a while that my bp was lower! Aaahhh!!!! That’s my goal!!!!

I think the big takeaway for the first week of my #Unprocessed October is that even little changes & minor tweaks can make a difference.

Every time my hubby and I do this, a concerted effort to eat a little healthier, we always say we should “eat like this all the time.”

And just because I slip back into bad habits doesn’t mean I have to throw in the towel.

Maybe this time it will finally stick.