Whole30: Can I Actually Pull This Off?

Whole30 Can I Pull This Off?
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This month I decided to tackle a Whole30! There’s even a hashtag for #SeptemberWhole30 because apparently it’s a popular month to do the program. You give up potentially problematic foods for 30 days, reintroduce them slowly after the 30 days and see how you feel. Then, stick to the foods you know make you feel good and reduce or eliminate the ones that don’t. Pretty simple, right?


Until I tried to quit my daily mocha habit cold turkey. That’s not easy, folks! But I’m going to try.

So, what is this Whole30 you speak of?

The Whole30 is a program, not a diet. You’re not supposed to be “Whole30” like you would be “paleo” or “vegetarian.” The program is designed for 30 days.

Maybe you saw my previous post, where I shared about doing a Hard Break for 30 days to focus on making changes in how I spend my time and money, and what I eat. 

The “Whole30” is a part of that. Just for this month, I’m attempting to eliminate foods that cause issues for many people (dairy, gluten, soy, etc) to see how those foods personally affect me. It’s based on research that shows how certain foods can cause health issues (from skin breakouts to cranky moods). And because some people react to dairy and others don’t, it’s up to me (and you, if you decide to try it), to figure it out.

After the 30 days, you re-introduce each food separately. I love that they encourage you to find out for yourself and basically create your own nutrition plan! Plus, their website has tons of great info if you want to find out more! Just google “Whole30” or check out the world of Whole30 recipe ideas on Pinterest!

I even created a Whole30 board with some of my favorite recipes, if you want to check it out!

What you DON’T eat on a Whole30.

You can get the Whole30 Program Rules here, but basically you abstain from:

  • Sugar (no surprise)
  • Alcohol
  • Grains
  • Legumes
  • Dairy
  • Anything with carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites.

My daughter is allergic to dairy and nuts, so it’ll be pretty easy to join her. We can be dairy-free and peanut-free together! (Tree nuts are ok on Whole30, just not for my baby girl.) This might be tough if you love peanut butter and pad thai, but I personally don’t mind abstaining from peanuts. They’re not a regular part of my diet, so it’s not something I’d have to work at eliminating. Chocolate, however, is a WHOLE other story.

I already stay away from soy for the most part. I had read that it can be helpful for women with endometriosis to avoid soy, so again, that’s another pretty easy task where I don’t have to struggle (just read labels because soy is in everything!)

And in the past, I’ve eliminated gluten and have felt better physically. This may confirm that (again), or I’ll find that my body is ok with gluten in moderation. It can’t hurt to test and find out.

However, THIS is where it gets hard (and by hard I mean I’m writing this in September after failing a Whole30 attempt back in February, roughly 7 months ago!) Also, it’s September 12th and I’m starting over today. This is definitely what I’d call an “attempt” at a Whole30. But it can’t hurt to try!

Currently, my diet is high in convenience, drive thrus, Chick fil A waffle fries, Cokes, Starbucks iced mochas with whipped cream, after school cookies with the kids and dessert on most nights.

Are you shaking your head at how bad it is? I know, right?

My diet is kind of like a bullet train headed to yuckville health wise.

So, as easy it is to stay on this delicious but junk-filled train, and how hard it is to get off, we all know a healthy change is in order.

Honestly, though, this is where I get grumbly:

But I’m comfy on the yuckville train! I don’t want to get up early or stay up late to think about meal plans, or … cooking. *shudders*

But I know I have to. It’s either that or face the (undesirable health) consequences.

I also know that if you keep thinking about something (like how bad your diet is), but don’t do anything about it, nothing is going to change.

Here I am, trying to change! I’m getting OFF that junk train stat!

With my 1st Whole30, I’m determined and hopeful, knowing it’ll be mostly trial and error, but excited to be taking steps in the right direction to a better, healthier life.

Some people start their Whole30 with meal plans, Pinterest boards, veggies and fruits chopped and prepped, and a 100% game on, nothing is stopping them attitude.

Go, you! 🙂 lol

Seriously, I’ve been following a lot of you on Instagram and appreciate the inspiration!

But I’ll sheepishly admit that I’m partially reluctant to Whole30 because our life is so busy that meal planning feels like a luxury or something I do only to change plans at the last minute because everyone was starving and we hadn’t eaten dinner by 8 or 9pm on a school night (because work, sports, church and long commutes!) And also because habits are hard to break.

I know, right?!

Back to the concept of “stop talking and just do it,” I’m jumping into this and we’ll see how it goes!

Whole30, here I come!

If I get anything out of this experience, I’m pretty sure I’ll confirm that if I want to make a change, I can’t wish for it to happen. I actually have to do something different than what I’ve been doing these past few weeks, months and years.

I have to do the work.

And I already HAVE been doing some work. YEAH!!!

  • I’ve been trying new recipes using the Instant Pot and my family’s been loving it!

Here’s my Amazon Affiliate link for the Instant Pot, just in case you’ve been wanting to check it out! I get a small commission at no extra cost to YOU!

  • We’ve been swapping out soda for water more regularly.

(Ok, more than any of us in our family, my 12 year old son DOESN’T DRINK SODA. Period! I’m SO proud of him! I definitely need to be more like him!) 😉 

  • I also read the Whole30 book “It Starts With Food” earlier this year and have a TON of information and motivation to do this thing! (My Amazon affiliate link is below, again, in case you want to check it out! If you buy it, I get a small comission at not extra cost to you!)

I’ll leave this here from the Whole30 website to inspire you if you’re in the same boat (or even just thinking about making a change):

Yummy, Whole30 approved stuffed peppers! We were about to fill these up with ground turkey. SO good!

“…for 30 days, we want you to focus on the changes in your health, in your mood, and in your relationship with food rather than how much you weigh.”



So let’s scrap the idea of Doing All the Things and talk about how to prioritize your goals, create new habits, and conserve your willpower so you can succeed with the Whole30.” (


Laughing (and not giving up on this Whole30) thru life,


Whole30 Can I actually pull this off?

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