3 Reasons to Clean Out Your Closet!

3 Reasons to Clean Your Closet
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I know it’s time to do a little closet clean out when there is NO ROOM to hang clean clothes! So just in case you need motivation to get it done, I have 3 reasons to clean out your closet that are SO quick and easy you can probably get started tonight!

3 Reasons to Clean Out Your Closet!

You know how it is — there are so many cute summer tops, you go shopping and get home excited to hang your new top (or tops) in your closet! You can’t wait to wear it tomorrow!

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But then you realize there’s no room in the closet! You need crossfit-strength to push half of the clothes to the back of the closet so they slide down about half an inch. That leaves you barely any room to squeeze in your cute new top! Ha!

At this point, we’re basically sweating. And the shirt is so sandwiched in, we can hardly find it the next morning. It’s like the closet swallowed it up!

I personally like for my hangers to be able slide when I’m putting away clean clothes. So I recently decided I’d go through my closet and do a mini summer closet clean-out makeover! I even have an idea to do a Capsule Wardrobe in time for the fall, so stay tuned for a future post with my friend Val from Val Around Town, your fashion latina mom-on-the-go! I can’t wait!

The good news is a mini clean-up makeover is not that hard!

For now, we’ll work on cleaning out first. And you can do this with a busy schedule. It all starts with a few quick “once overs” that you can probably start tonight. I’ll guide you through it!

I also wanted to share with you these 3 reasons as motivation to get this done. I hope they motivate you, too!

3 Reasons to Clean Your Closet

Reason #1: Your clothing can help others!

The first thing you’ll do is go through what’s hanging in your closet right now. This is a quick once-over of clothing you are not wearing because:

  • You really don’t like it
  • It’s not flattering
  • People ask if you’re pregnant every time you wear it (true story).

Bonus Tip:

If you keep seeing pics of yourself on Facebook and Instagram and you’re wearing the same thing, it might be time to retire it! Lol! (Again, true story.) 

These are all good reasons to remove that item from the hanger and lay it on your bed. If these clothes are in good condition, you can donate them! I love the Salvation Army, but you can also bring your clothing donations to a shelter, Goodwill, local church, etc. Check your neighborhood and get ready to smile, knowing your clothes will be a blessing to someone else!

Reason #2: A clean, organized closet will make you feel better.

If you get frustrated (like me) whenever you’re in the closet and you can’t find anything to wear, this is going to help!

Cleaning out the closet helps us get rid of those things that we’re constantly saying “No” to because they just don’t fit or whatever the reason is.

Instead of saying “no,” when we start saying “yes” to the clothes we love that fit us well, we will feel better!

It will be easier to see and find the clothes we love. Can you imagine? We’ll go into the closet and actually have something to wear! Woohoo!

In order to make this happen, we need to do a second “once over”.

Quickly go over each item a second time. Make sure you’re only keeping “key pieces” and clothes you truly love.

Now that our first clothing pile got a little bigger, let’s donate and bless someone else with the clothes that we know are just not for us. The awesome thing about this is that we’ll feel GREAT every time we’re back in the closet! YEAH!

Bonus Tip:

One of my favorite tips is to remind myself that if something doesn’t quite fit me right now, it’s ok to give it away. I can bless someone with it TODAY. And at some point later when my clothes don’t fit (hopefully because I lost weight and they’re too loose), I can reward myself with a cute new outfit! Yay!

And yes, you can keep items you hope you’ll fit in again. I’m keeping a few. I’m just not keeping all of it! 🙂

Reason #3: You’ll make room for cute new things!

The GREAT thing about these mini closet makeovers is that these three reasons add up to really bless us and others!

On top of getting rid of clothing that just doesn’t work for us (which leaves us with a happier, more useable wardrobe), we’re blessing others with gently used items AND we’re noticing one extra thing:

We can truly see what we have and don’t, so we can go shopping for cute new things that will fill in any gaps!

If we thought we had 10 pairs of jeans, but only 3 really fit, we can either buy 1 or 2 more that actually fit and flatter, or we can realize that we didn’t need 10 after all!

If you have an event coming up, you may have assumed you would just wear any old dress. But after this mini summer closet clean-out makeover, you realize you actually didn’t have something appropriate. Now you can shop for what you actually need, instead of showing up with an old dress that wasn’t the right fit!

Bonus Tip:

When you have time to shop, you typically find better deals!

Hope this helps motivate you to clean out the closet, bless someone else and feel happier! You know that when we are happier and less stressed, our family and those around us notice!

Maybe I’ll run into you the next time my daughter drags me to a little shopping trip at Charming Charlie!

Laughing (and decluttering) thru life,


10 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Clean Out Your Closet!

  1. I love this! I think it’s time for me to clean out my closet. I’m so bad about wearing the same clothes over and over when I have so much else to wear!

    1. Ha! I do the same thing! This is really helping me figure out what fits, what I can get rid of and what I actually need (if anything.)

  2. As a teenager my mom always made me clean out my closet at least every few months. I grown to like doing it even now as an adult. There’s so much room you are taking up with old clothes and there’s things we can always donate. It’s a win win for me. Less clutter and you get to help out those in need.

    1. Erika, your mom knows what’s UP! That’s a great lesson. I need to do this with my kids (you know, after I go thru my closet!) Haha! But yes, you are absolutely right. It really is a win-win! Love it!

    1. It IS?! Nicole, that’s awesome! I’m not sure I’d say it’s my “favorite thing”, but I’m definitely enjoying the process … and seeing the closet opening up! Haha!

  3. Love this! I try to clean out my closet every few months & we donate quite a few clothes. Plus, you’re right, having everything organized feels sooooo good!❤

    1. Thanks, Beth! It’s a great thing to do, at least seasonally. I’m looking forward to Back to School shopping for the kids in a few weeks and I’m sure we’ll go thru their closet soon, too! 😀

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