Bad Latina Moms #HHM

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Ok, this was too much fun!

You know there’s a little bit of a rebel in all of us …! So, when I got together with an awesome group of friends to make this #BadLatinaMoms video, you know we had fun.

We also, being latinas, shared passionately, “de corazon,” about who we are as Latina Moms and our backgrounds — we have a great mix here from British-Venezolana (Jihane) to Puerto Rican (me) & more!


We share some of our struggles, trying to find our identity as latinas in the United States, figuring out how to raise bilingual kids who love their culture … and finding out that maybe we’re not really “bad moms” after all! LOL!

Thanks to the beautiful, #BadLatinaMoms who joined me in this video:

Jihane from

Jess from

Amanda from

Isabel from House of Alice Rose

Check it out!

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