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Controversial or Totally Awesome Movie Date?

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So, a split movie date (where you and your date go together, but watch different movies), would you say it’s controversial or TOTALLY AWESOME?


That’s exactly what my hubby Adam and I did yesterday. We have busy weekends when we both work, so Mondays are often a day off. He knew I really, really, really wanted to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, and I knew he really, really, really didn’t want to see it.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

There was that new Batman and Robin one (I know it’s Batman,vs. Superman, but whatever!) Deadpool was another option, so we figured, you know what??? Why don’t we go watch separate movies??? Awesome, right?!


It actually was awesome. I was giggling at the silliness of paying for tickets and telling the girl it was for two different movies. She looked at us like, “huh? But, ok, here are your two SEPARATE tickets, weirdos.” LOL!

Then, the guy who took our tickets saw that my husband’s said “Deadpool,” so he pointed us in that direction. But then I added, “um, which way for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2?” He looked at us like, “What? You’re together, but you’re not both watching the same movie? Ok! Well, uh, that would be this OTHER theatre over here.” LOL!

Seriously, at this point, I’m laughing out loud all the way down to my big fat greek comfy movie seat.

After that, I laughed (silently, to myself this time) when I walked into the theatre and was welcomed by a handful of ladies who were probably twice my age! I loved it because it reminded of my grandma, Mamín, who still loves going to movie theatres by herself. Why not? She was my first teacher of “it’s ok to go to the movies alone and ENJOY IT!” That’s my awesome grandma!

I have to tell you (no spoilers here), I LOVED the movie!!! The original My Big Fat Greek Wedding is one of my all-time favorite movies. It has the added sentimental value that the first time I saw it was with my matron of honor, or “madrina” at my wedding, Vanessa, who passed away a few years ago. The memory of watching that first movie together at a hip cool independent film theatre, Fine Arts in Puerto Rico, where I still lived at the time, will always be a special one that I treasure in my heart.

I wish I could’ve seen part 2 with Vane, but I wonder if maybe she was there, laughing and crying with me! Who knows?

Regardless, the sequel was perfect for a devoted fan like me. The Windex! The hilarious (and also touching) scenes with Mana-YiaYia! The Greekness of it all!

(I still think latinos and greeks have a lot in common: big families, lots of food, lots of drama. What else do you need!)

So, I thought, as much as I’m enjoying MY movie, I’m sure my hubby Adam is having the time of his life watching HIS movie.

Then I got a text that said: “Babe, let me know when you’re done.”

Oh, no! The movie was either shorter than mine … or it sucked!

Sadly, he came out disappointed, while I came out GIDDY! So that part of the “split date” was a bummer. But I’ll tell you what … I had a BLAST! And maybe he’ll consider watching a rom-com next time! HA! Even though on split dates, he’ll always have the option of picking whichever movie he wants. And so will I.

I’d love to hear from YOU! Post in the comments if you’ve ever split-movie-dated, if you think it’s totally awesome or if you think it’s totally crazy. Share your story below!




4 thoughts on “Controversial or Totally Awesome Movie Date?

  1. Yes! my husband and I do this all the time! We just did it Saturday…I went to see Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and he saw Batman v. Superman! We’ve been married 25 years and this works out great for us! There are some movies we both want to see so we go together, but when we want to see different movies we see no problem with it and we are both happy! It’s a great compromise! P.S. Big Fat Greek Wedding is also one of my faves and loved #2 just as much! What a great movie!!! I highly recommend it!

    1. That is AWESOME, Valerie! Maybe we could all double date sometime … you and I can watch another chick flick and they can watch whatever else they want! LOL!!! #HappyMarriage 🙂

  2. LOL…thanks for sharing. That was funny. I’ve done that with my siblings. I want to watch that movie too, but no time right now…might just catch it once its available on amazon.

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂 And thank YOU for checking out my blog & posting a comment! I hope you do get to see it, even on Amazon. Totally worth it! 😀

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