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Enter to Win Today’s BFG Movie Giveaway! #Ad

Disney's BFG digital movie giveaway
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Have you seen Disney’s The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) movie?


Today, you can enter to win 1 of TWO (2) digital movies that I’m giving away right here on my blog!

In case you’re curious, especially if you haven’t yet watched the movie, one of my favorite family-friendly movie review websites, Plugged In, gave it a 4 out of 5 rating for family friendliness (pretty great!) Special shout out to my friend Bob Waliszewski for sharing tons of movie info with families thru his radio segment and interviews!

If you are familiar with “The BFG” book by Roald Dahl or the Disney movie version, you know all about “dream jars.” To celebrate today’s giveaway, my kids and I decided to share a dream jar of our own … and fill it up with pink dreams in a fun little video!

You might google “dream jar DIY” and come up with a ton — but we’re not big DIY-ers, so we kept it super simple — and very easy for you to do with YOUR family! 🙂

Check out the video below and then scroll down to find out how to Enter the Contest! 

To enter my Disney’s BFG Contest, post in the comments what is your BIGGEST dream for 2017 (it can be anything — from world peace or the BIG dream you have for yourself & your family!)

I can’t wait to read what you share!

For our family, I think one of our BIG dreams is figuring out where to live (our life right now is split 1 hour away between where we live & where the kids go to school, and where my hubby and I work and go to church. Crazy! Definitely praying about what to do with that BIG decision … but we dream of finding the best case scenario for our little family.)

I know my kids are also dreaming of getting a dog … and playing in the snow (which we’re pretty safe to assume won’t happen in Houston anytime soon!) But who’s to say we can’t get in the car and road trip it a few hours north until we hit some snowy area???

Go ahead and post in the comments below for your chance to win!

And thanks for sharing this blog post with someone else who would love to share their dreams & enter to win a copy of the BFG digital movie!

Laughing (and dreaming) thru Life,


20 thoughts on “Enter to Win Today’s BFG Movie Giveaway! #Ad

  1. Wow! My biggest dream for 2017… that is a great question! Personally, to take my family on a long overdue vacation to thr beach…preferably on a island ! Professionally, to get my non-profit up and running!

    IG: @JustMeOMaya

      1. Yes I am going to try to follow my dream in 2017 planning on going to college. Hope I win your BFG giveaway

  2. My biggest dream for 2017 is to win the Lottery. Thanks for the giveaway. I am a big fan of Steven Spielberg’s films. I would love to check out this movie.

  3. To answer that question, BIGGEST dream for 2017, was tough!!! My biggest dream, I’d say, is to make small choices that influence my health and my family’s in a positive way. What I want most in life is for my family to live a long, healthy life. I feel the only way I can teach about a healthier life style is through example. I wanna be the change i want to see, per se. Lol. Lately I have witnessed a lot of serious and deadly illnesses in friends, collegues, & family. Although frightening, it has made understand life is short and precious and we must take care of it. One way to take care of our lives is through making healthy choices every day, one day at a time. So yes, biggest dream for 2017: HEALTH. ??

    1. Wow, Laura! Thanks for sharing that! I’m joining with you– thankful for health and wanting to live a healthier lifestyles now & in 2017!

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