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Fun Friday: Disney’s Moana Giveaway!

Fun Friday Disney's Moana Giveaway
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Update 3/8/17: Congratulations to Edye and Geyce for winning my Moana giveaway! The sponsor added one more movie so we ended up with two winners! Sweet! Thanks to everyone for entering the contest! Be sure to click Sign Me Up in the menu to get my Coppe News for more family, faith and fun! 


Have you met Disney’s newest, brave and fun princess, Moana?

Disney's Moana movie

Our family LOVED her! In order to save her island and her people, Moana needs to travel across the ocean (who happens to be another character in the movie), confront a demi-God and a mythical monster-type thing, figure out her “role” as the chief’s daughter, and so much more!

This was our family at the Moana screening when the movie first came out!

Our family at the Moana movie premiere screening!

And today, I have a sponsored giveaway here on the blog! You can enter to win a digital copy of Disney’s Moana! 

Thanks to my sponsor, Allied Marketing, for providing the prize! I occasionally receive movie passes and other promotional items in exchange for these giveaway posts on my blog. I LOVE getting to share all the fun with YOU! 

If you haven’t seen Moana, you’re in for a treat. Especially because of the MUSIC!

Moana’s Music is Mesmerizing!

The music, in true Disney style, is incredible! Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, In the Heights) was part of the team that wrote the songs. It is so amazing! Almost immediately after we left the movie theater, my husband made sure we had the soundtrack and that’s ALL we heard in the car for the next few weeks!

Mom’s favorite (hands down): “How far I’ll GOOOOO!”

Everyone’s favorite: “You’re welcome!” (Maui’s song — so funny!)

And even “Shiny” (the bad guy’s song) quickly became another family favorite! Haha!

Now, back to the GIVEAWAY!!!

I want EVERYONE to be able to enter my Fun Friday Disney’s Moana Giveaway, so I have two questions (you pick one to answer!)

–What’s YOUR favorite Moana song? or

–What Disney character do YOU relate to most?

I’ll go first! And I’ll answer both, but you can just pick one!

My favorite Moana song is definitely “How far I’ll Go”. Love it!!!

The Disney character I relate to the most can change from week to week, but right now, I’m going to say it’s Elastigirl (Mrs. Incredible) from The Incredibles! I can relate to trying to juggle a SUPER husband, SUPER kids, plus laundry and everything else that needs to get done!

And looking at this photo makes me feel extra SUPER! 😉 

That was at The Incredible dance party in Tomorrowland at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on our first trip there with the kids and in-laws, January of 2015

OK, Giveaway Time! It’s your turn to answer the question and enter the contest! 

Please post your comments here below!
We’ll announce the winner right here on the blog Wednesday, March 8th! 

Laughing (and singing) through life,


31 thoughts on “Fun Friday: Disney’s Moana Giveaway!

  1. My favourite song is definitely You’re Welcome. You just reminded me that we need to the soundtrack.

  2. I relate to nemo as my favorite disney character because he was always being held back and look at what he accomplished when he was allowed to

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  3. I can relate to Cinderella sometimes when I have a ton of chores around the house and no help!

  4. I don’t know any of the songs since I haven’t seen the movie yet! But the character I relate most to is rapunzel. Just for the fact of being confined to my home all winter long

    1. Hi Edye! Congratulations! You won the digital copy of Disney’s Moana!!!!! Be on the lookout for an email with more information! – Coppelia

  5. Definitely How Far I’ll Go. I had so many ~feelings hearing that when I saw the movie. The girl who plays Moana is such a talented kid!

  6. What’s YOUR favorite Moana song?
    You are welcome.
    Once I hear a thank you, that song immediately pops in my head. I love how Maui sings it, his eyebrows. ??

    1. Hi Geyce! You WON! I just heard from my contest sponsor that I have an extra digital copy of Moana to giveaway and you won! Be on the lookout for an email with more details! – Coppelia

  7. Mulan. I’m the eldest of 5 and have always sensed a greater responsibilty towards my parents and siblings. My husband and I have a 10 year old, she went through a period when Mulan was on all day if I let her. She loves her! She’s impressed by her determination and ability to reach her goals. I love that she’s empowering. Moana is in that same category!

    1. Wow, Yesenia, I love your connection to Mulan! As the oldest in my family, I always felt that greater responsibility, too. And I love that your daughter loves Mulan! I don’t think my 7 year old has seen it, so we might have to watch it soon!

  8. I have yet to see the movie but have heard the song “how far I’ll go” and loved it. I think I relate most to Mulan. She will do what she has to to protect her family and is brave through life’s storms/battles. Likewise, Christ has given me the strength to go through life’s battles and come out victorious!

  9. OMG we love Moana too!! The songs are incredible and we listen those all the time but the favorite one is “How far I’ll go” ❤️ I want to be the winner so bad ??
    Thank you for the opportunity ?☺️?

  10. My favorite song is “How Far I’ll Go”. The relationship Moana had with her grandmother reminded me of my own. She was a woman of God. She sand “coritos” and recited scriptures in Spanish. She had an answer for everything. She passed away when I was 11 years old. She had a beautiful ministry, and I feel like she passed it on to my siblings and I. My brother is a youth pastor at his church and my sister and little brother are in the worship team in our church. Before Moana’s grandmother passed away, she told her granddaughter to “Go” and follow her passion. I was too young to understand this when my grandma passed, but as I got older, I learned and understood to take the blessing and run with it. I cried so much when Moana’s grandmother died, and I missed her very much especially when Moana realized what happened. I’m curious to know “how far I’ll go” knowing that God is leading my path.

    1. Wow, Beatrice, that was such a thoughtful answer, and such a touching story about your grandma. I love the Christian legacy she passed on to you, how you remember her singing “coritos” and how you feel that God is leading your path. I know He is! You’ll definitely go far with Him leading you! <3

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