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Fun Friday: Fashion for $10!

*You may find affiliate links for things I love! At no extra cost to you, I could receive a small commission if you click and buy thru my links. Thanks! ~Coppelia

I wish every Friday could be FUN!!! So, when I find things like these $10 jeans, that happen to be #OnTrend, I can’t help but share!!!

I’ll be honest, and this is no surprise to my friends … but I don’t like shopping. And shopping for jeans is even lower on the list. It can be tricky to find just the right pair that’s flattering, fits comfortably and doesn’t cost $150!

My hubby Adam (bless his amazing heart) came jeans shopping with me. He actually enjoys shopping (can you imagine???) And here I am, rolling my eyes because he’s already holding 5 pairs he wants me to try on (really, Babe???) when I find these dark (read:flattering) cute-buttoned jeans! And they’re on clearance! And they turn out to be $10!!! SCORE!

Until I see his face.

“Babe,” my husband says, “they’re flare. That’s 90’s. No.”

So I, of course, pulled out my iPhone and googled “2016 spring denim trends,” in the hopes that flare jeans might be back.

And … THEY ARE!!!! YES!!!!

After I showed my hubby a few links and pinterest posts, just to be sure, his reluctant response was “maybe I can be ok with them!” HA!!!

It’s a good thing we both laugh about this! LOL

So, I tried them on and not only were they a size smaller than I normally wear (WHAT?! YES!!!) But they were so comfortable!!! It was a fashion miracle.

Just in case you’re willing to go with the 2016 flare jean trend, I had to share the love!

I got the jeans at Rue 21 (hello, clearance rack!)

And it’s ok if you’re like my hubby and still not sure about the flare trend! There are a few others to choose from. Check ’em out in my pin!