Inspiration Summer: Let’s Wrap This Up!

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You might be like a lot of my friends who have sent their kids back to school already. We’re not there yet.

For our family, this is the last week of summer. And I declared the summer of 2016 to be an INSPIRATION SUMMER!
So what was this all about?

Throughout the summer, I shared here on the blog every week (or so), things I wanted to do to make the summer inspirational … but not boring! Sometimes “inspirational” equals “frilly” or “cheesy” or “bland” and that’s NOT what I wanted!

Here’s what I wanted for the summer of 2016:

I got INSPIRED by family and friends’ homes I had visited where the atmosphere was inviting, friendly, happy. We’re a pretty happy bunch at home, but I tend to live in a stress bubble. I get home and the STRESS of everything that needs to happen, get fixed, get done, etc … too often put me in a cranky mood, just by getting home!

How ridiculous is that?!

We could get into the psychology of why the simple act of “getting home” stressed me out, but that ties back to a stressful childhood and we could always save that for another blog post. 😉

For this summer I wanted inspiration our way (with fun & lots of laughter, not quiet, stuffy frillyness!)

So I paid attention to what I had seen in family and friends’ homes and found a few things they had in common. 

One thing was they had music playing in the background! 

There’s something about music that really sets the mood. So we created a Worship Playlist on Spotify of songs we love. Feel free to check it out!

I also noticed that those family and friends had Bible verses, happy quotes & inspirational sayings displayed around the house. 

You can’t help but feel inspired as you walk down halls and even stop for a potty break and read encouraging and life-giving words.

As I try to assess how well we “INSPIRED” our home this summer, well … right now our little home is a pre-back-to-school MESS! 

School supplies are everywhere (technically, in the “School Corner” so it’s not THAT bad! lol!) 

Clothes need to get sorted and put in piles to either keep or donate (thankfully, grandma Abuela Nayda, took upon herself a little summer project to organize the kids’ closet so that definitely helped. YAY!)

So yeah. We’re a work in progress.

But I look around and see a home that really is inspiring.

I’m inspired by the fact that, somehow in the midst of a crazy summer that included my husband Adam’s brain tumor surgery at MD Anderson, we have new art prints on the wall (thank you, Scarlet and Gold!) to remind us we are fearfully and wonderfully made. They remind us to pray and trust God every day.

I’m inspired by the moments we turn off the TV and tablets and put down our phones and have music playing in the background while we enjoy dinner (even if we have to keep telling the kids no, we’re not turning the TV back on!) Ha!

I’m inspired as I look back from the 1st day of summer to today (it’s a crazy fast blur!), and realize that somehow we made it through all this:

  • My husband Adam’s brain tumor diagnosis (in April), getting into MD Anderson, doctor’s appointments, surgery and recovery.

  • A family trip to Dallas to see my parents, My brother from Japan and grandma Mamín from Puerto Rico!

  • Starting a job at my church in the worship/music department. I still can’t get over how my badge says “Worship!” I love it! (And I met with HR to make it official on my birthday, June 14th! God’s timing really is always perfect!)

  • 4th of July fireworks!!! (It was the first year my 6 year old daughter wasn’t terrified of the noise!)

I can’t believe this summer went by so fast … so much happened … and we made it through. And we’re still smiling. Our kids are still having giggle fits! LOL!

I am more thankful to God than I can express, for how He brought us through so much. #VeryThankful

I’m thankful that I can wrap up this INSPIRATION SUMMER series and say, you know what? In a summer that could’ve been stressful and crazy, the joy, peace, laughter and inspiration we shared as a family could only happen because God has answered our prayers (and the prayers of so many family & friends!) And He has truly given me the desires of my heart. <3

Thank you, Lord!

Summer 2016 was great. So how about now we all ask for an awesome new School Year 2016-2017! We would love that, Lord!

Love & blessings,