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A Back to School Email to God

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Good morning, Lord!

I’m SUPER excited that the kids start school today! WOOHOO!

But you know them and love them even more than I do, so you already know that they really don’t want to say goodbye to summer.

I get it. They were staying up late, playing on their tablets WAY too much and really having a lot of fun! 

Please help Daddy (you know, Adam, my husband) and me be the best parents we can be, so the school year can be a healthy balance of fun and learning.

Please give us wisdom (and time-management skills) to make healthy breakfasts & pack healthy lunches (with the occasional Chick-fil-A thrown in.)

Please let them have an EPIC first day back where they’ll run into friends who will help them feel at home … or make new friends and feel like it’s going to be a great year.

Please bless their teachers with everything they need (read: patience & coffee) as they get everyone settled into a new routine.

And please send EXTRA angels to protect them wherever they go. 

Oh, and let them be shining lights for YOU, so they can help make their school a better place.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Thanks for e-mailing God (aka praying) with me! 😉


P.S. Post in the comments your prayer requests for this new school year! I’d love to join you in prayer for your kids, too!

4 thoughts on “A Back to School Email to God

  1. Indeed, we need to pray for our children going back to school!

    Lord, my son is loved by you,! You have given him to us, thank you for the blessing he is. please help us to be the example for him, help to shine your light at home and everywhere we go. Please protect him from evil and let him be the light for you at school.
    Bless his teacher, give him/her love and patience. and please, bless his classmates!
    Thank you!

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