It Wasn’t a Pinterest Fail?!

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I couldn’t believe it! 

I did a Pinterest craft (using GLOVES! And a WOOD STAIN! And a cut-up t-shirt RAG!) … and it wasn’t a #PinterestFail! Haha!

My friend Liz from church texted me the other night to ask if I wanted to be a table captain for a Pinterest-themed Mom’s Night Out. I like Pinterest. A Mom’s night out sounded fun.

But I had to CRAFT something?! Oh no, absolutely not!

So of course I said yes and agreed to be the table captain.

Wait what?!? Why?! (this is the part where I was having an argument with myself. Lol!) 

I told myself it would be good to try something out of my comfort zone.

But self, I complained, you suck at crafts.

Yes, self, I know, but it’ll be fun! It’s good for the brain, for creativity, to try something new!

Ok, fine. 

Then, I thought of a few friends to invite! Jessica, Maria, Jaclyn, Bethany, Kristen … you know, this might actually be fun! 

Then, talking with my friends, I realized many of us aren’t crafty either (we may have bonded over our common non-craftiness!) 

So I picked up my friend Jessica, and off we went to craft the night away. 

I have to admit, the intimidation of a table set with a blank cutting board (gasp), a tiny metal bucket with cloth rags (gulp) … and a cup of dark wood stain (which they cautioned us wasn’t espresso … darn it) … the whole thing was TERRIFYING!!! 

I mean just LOOK AT THIS!!!

That’s Halloween-level scary right there.

Ok, I’m exaggerating (a little). But once my friend Jessica & I realized our whole table was non-crafty, I felt SO much better! 

And my wood stain didn’t mess up the board. Step 1: conquered! 

Then, we picked a design for our board (I couldn’t decide between these two!) Step 2: I’m still deciding!

The “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry” was so accurate, the choice ended up being easy. Ha!

So we moved on to Step 3– cover the back of that sheet of paper with chalk. That was so easy, I wondered if I was doing it right. The girls at my table assured me I was. Step 3: Success! 

Step 4 was a little more intimidating: tracing. My 10 year old & 6 year old kids trace better than me! But seeing all my other non-crafty new friends happily tracing encouraged me to jump right in.

Once we got the chalk trace thing down, we had to go over our tracing masterpiece with a paint pen.

I had made it this far, but now I was ready to suck at crafting! This was my moment to #Pinterestfail! 

I painstakingly and gingerly went over each letter … hoping it wouldn’t be a colossal fail … and then …

I opened my eyes and saw THIS!



And it wasn’t a #PINTERESTFAIL!!!

I looked around our non-crafty table and everyone’s crafty cutting boards looked amazing!!!

I don’t think any of us will run into each other at Hobby Lobby any time soon, but I have to admit, I think we all really enjoyed our Pinterest-themed Mom’s Night Out. 

And as I was leaving, one mom shared the sweetest story with me:

She wasn’t crafty either (apparently, there’s many of us out there!) And before she left her house, she told her hubby and 7 year old son she didn’t know what she’d put on her board. 

Her son suggested a Bible verse about love (I think it was “We love because God first loved us!”) Well, this mom was FLOORED when she saw that same verse was one of the options we could choose from! How perfect! She was beaming as she left, excited to show her family this sweet gift! What a blessing from God!

I might actually be looking forward to the next Pinterest-themed night. Maybe. Just don’t make me use a hot glue gun. 😉

Shoutout to the amazing Women at my church, Second Baptist Church, Woodway Campus, for putting this night together! It was fun!

Laughing thru Life,