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Congrats to my Disney Junior’s The Lion Guard DVD Giveaway Winners! #Ad

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UPDATE: Monday, September 26th, 2016 

CONGRATS to our Disney Junior “The Lion Guard” Giveaway winners: Randy, Jessica, Katherine, Bernie & Liv! You guys should be getting your brand new DVD  with 6 episodes of The Lion Guard, plus a super cute FREE Power Necklace very soon! YAY!!! 

Enter Today’s Giveaway to Win 1 of 5 DVDs of Disney Junior’s new series “The Lion Guard: Unleash the Power!”


Remember Disney’s The Lion King movie? Simba and Nala are all grown up with a little lion cub of their own named Kion! (He kind of looks like his daddy!)

If your kids love watching Disney Junior, Where the Magic Begins, there’s a new series for you and your kids to enjoy, especially if Disney’s original “The Lion King” makes your heart move to the beat of Hakuna Matata!

The new Disney DVD “The Lion Guard: Unleash the Power” comes out September 20th, but you can win 1 of 5 DVDs right here on my blog!

To enter the contest, it’s simple!

Tell me in the comments section below who did YOU look like as a little lion cub?

I definitely looked more like my daddy! And I still do!

I can’t wait to see your answers … maybe you’ll be one of my 5 winners!


Laughing through Life (singing Hakuna Matata),


20 thoughts on “Congrats to my Disney Junior’s The Lion Guard DVD Giveaway Winners! #Ad

  1. I looked like my aunt who is my mothers sister but was often asked if I was her daughter. She didn’t have any girls only 3 boys

  2. I definitely looked like my father as a child. Thanks for the giveaway. My family loves this show.

  3. I look like as a little lion cub my mom and everybody from the family says it. My little brother looks like my dad . I am entering this giveaway for my little brother he loves the Lion guard. Hope I win!

    1. Wow, Randy! That is really cool! I love how those things work out (God always has a plan!) 🙂 Thanks for entering the contest! I’ll announce the winners soon!

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