Plan a Family Movie Night! | 28 Day Challenge to Fill Your Home with Love

Plan a Family Movie Night
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It’s been a while since our family sat down to watch a movie together. Usually for family time, everyone is left to their own devices: my hubby, son and I on our smartphones and our daughter on Daddy’s old iPad. Since we’re trying to fill our homes with love, I think a fun family movie night, complete with popcorn and blankets to snuggle up on the couch, is in order!

The Peanuts Movie photo
This blog post is about movie nights at home, but movie nights out are fun, too! We LOVED The Peanuts Movie when it first came out!

This is part of the 28 Day Challenge to Fill Your Home with Love!  If you haven’t joined us yet, you can easily do it here. Just enter your email below! 

Today is Day 15 of the Challenge: Movie Night!

We’re keeping the challenges as simple and doable as possible. The point is to Fill Your Home with Love! A family snuggle fest movie night sounds pretty doable to me, especially when we have a bunch of old DVDs or Blu-rays we could watch. Or we could probably find an old favorite on Netflix or download a movie from Amazon Prime. (I didn’t have this many options when I was 12!)

I’ll share some of our family favorites here. Add a few of your own suggestions in the comments below!

Family Favorite Movie Picks

These are my Amazon affiliate links: If you click and buy, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks!

We’re fans of The Incredibles (1 & 2!) Our family can relate to their characters so much! Maybe you do, too!

My son loves basketball and when I asked him what’s his favorite movie we’ve recently seen as a family, he didn’t hesitate to answer “UNCLE DREW!” 

We LOVED The Lego Movie and, believe it or not, still haven’t seen the sequel…but we’re looking forward to it! This might just be our next movie night pic!

I grew up on the Narnia books and was thrilled (and pregnant with my oldest) when this movie came out! It’s been AWESOME to share it with my kids … and it’s a classic that we don’t mind going back to every now and then.


Once you decide on your movie, here are a few more ideas to help make family movie night extra fun!

Family Movie Night Ideas!

  • Make a popcorn bar

    • This is so fun! We love making air-popped popcorn in brown paper bags in the microwave. SO EASY!
    • Set out bowls with toppings (m&ms, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, trail mix, etc…)
    • Have each member of the family make their own popcorn mix & enjoy!
  • Lemonade or hot cocoa?

    • Serve flavored lemonade or slow cooker hot cocoa (depending on whether it’s hot or cold … it’s spring in Texas, so it could be 40 or 80 … we just don’t know!)
  • Grab a blanket (or 4) and snuggle on the couch!

    • If your kids are anything like me, they LOVE walking around the house with cozy blankets, so you know they’ll be a central part of movie night, too!
  • Bring a sleeping bag or two and make it a 2-movie night!

    • It’s ok if you fall asleep!

Feel free to bring some of your favorite pillows, stuffed animals, cozy pjs & socks, etc… Let’s make it a THING! To be honest, these little moments often mean more than big, expensive vacations.

I can’t wait till our next movie night! And I hope you have one soon, too!

Laughing (and loving) thru life,


Plan a Family Movie Night PinPlan a Family Movie Night Pin
Plan a Family Movie Night! 28 Day Challenge to Fill Your Home with Love!

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  1. I love all these ideas you’re sharing to connect with family! Movie night is a tradition at our house and we go all out! We actually have a trip to the drive in movies near us, planned for this Saturday. Can’t wait!

    1. Thanks! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the family ideas! I feel like I’m doing this for me as much as to encourage families! \0/ And I’m LOVING that you guys are already doing family game nights and movie nights. Let’s keep making ALL the fun memories!

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