Turning Forty: Finding Your True Self (with your hair on fire!)

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What do you think when you hear someone is 40 years old?

I used to think “man, forty is OLD!” HA! Of course, that all changed this week because I turned 40 myself!

And the truth is, I know amazing people who are 40+ and make 40-something look really good, like my friend, radio personality, Lisa Williams!

Life with Lisa WIlliams

Another one of these amazing people who are making 40 look good is one of my favorite celebrities, Candace Cameron Bure (whom I’ve loved since her Full House days, through Dancing with the Stars and now that she’s on The View and Fuller House). She’s KILLING IT in her 40s! She looks amazing, has a beautiful family and is definitely defying “what 40 looks like“!

I figured, you know what, if Lisa and Candace (and so many other women I love and admire) can rock their 40s, so can I!

This was NOT what I was thinking last year. I spent much of the past year as a 39 year old, refusing to let go of my “thirty-something” title! I didn’t feel ready to be FORTY! LOL!

But, here it is.

I turned 40 this week, June 14th to be exact. and I actually don’t feel any older. In fact, as I’ve been sharing this week’s “Turning Forty” video+blog series with family and friends who are rocking their 40s, I feel myself getting more excited about this new decade!

Today’s episode is with the amazingly talented radio personality I mentioned earlier. She’s a wife, mommy, friend and my favorite God’s Radio Girl, Lisa Williams! Click to watch today’s “Turning Forty” video to hear what Lisa would have told herself on her 40th birthday. It’s great advice for any season of life!


And if you want more after you watch the video, feel free to connect with Lisa at Life With Lisa Williams! 

Life with Lisa WIlliams



2 thoughts on “Turning Forty: Finding Your True Self (with your hair on fire!)

  1. Happy birthday 🙂
    I used to think 30 was old until I turned it. Now my mindset has shifted and 40 doesn’t sound old at all. Now 50.. well that’s a different story (since that’s where my parents are, it seems old and far away heh). Great meeting you today :):)

    1. Hahaha!!!! Yes, now I think 60 is old…but my parents still look GREAT! Lol! It was great meeting you too! Thanks for checking out my blog! 🙂

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