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FUN FRIDAY: Derby Day & This Mom’s Heart is Full!

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Derby Day at the kids’ school today was probably completely normal for everyone, but AMAZING for me!!!
Being a working mom since my kids were born has meant missing a lot of Derby Days and other fun kid school things.

As a new mom, I quickly went back to work a gut-wrenching 8 weeks after my son was born, and my C-section hadn’t fully healed physically & emotionally. My husband has stepped in as the Best Dad in the World many times, so I’m thankful that our kids have had a parent when they’ve needed us to be there.

But many times, I wanted to do Derby Days and just couldn’t.

Today was different! What made this an incredible and extra-special Fun Friday was the fact that being my own boss has blessed me with the flexibility to be at more events, like today’s Derby Day.

My 6 year old daughter loved having me there…and kept giving me hugs and high fives! ?

My 10 year old “put up with me,” following him and his buddies around, taking a million pictures and videos, but I did get a few smiles from him, too.

And I even got to volunteer, hang out with some of the other moms, and even catch up with my friend Kristen and some of the teachers!

My heart is full of joy and hope for a future with better life balance. I’m definitely thankful for such a Fun Friday & hope you can find the balance that works for you!