Day 50! Top 10 Christmas Tips to get ready for the Holidays! | 101 Days till Christmas

101 Days till Christmas Day 50 Top 10 Christmas Tips
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YESSSS!!! It’s just 50 days till Christmas! That means it’s just 7 weeks till Christmas Eve! If you’re like me, you’re giddy at the sight of neighbors’ decorations going up (I’ve seen 3 houses in my area so far!) And stores have been putting out holiday decor and gift ideas for weeks at this point. So what can we do to get ready? We are going to pull out our Christmas Planners & get it done! We’re also going to schedule rest and family time into our packed schedules. I want the rest of this 101 Days till Christmas countdown to lead to one of the best years for you yet!

So for today’s celebration of 50 days till Christmas, I’m sharing the top posts so far on this 101 Days till Christmas countdown!

Top 10 Christmas Tips to make this the best holiday season yet!

Christmas planners, budgets, self care & more!

Here are some the top 10 posts so far from my countdown:

1. The official 101 Days till Christmas Countdown kickoff!

101 Days till Christmas Countdown!

2. Volunteer service project ideas for your family (including Operation Christmas Child!)

Day 81: Fall Volunteer Service Projects for Your Family! | 101 Days till Christmas

3. Weekly Christmas Money Saving Tips!

I love that these tips help us figure out how to save a little money every week, leading up to Christmas. Can we still save a little in these 50 days till Christmas? Of course we can! Click below for inspiration!

Day 72: Christmas Money Saving Tips Roundup! | 101 Days till Christmas

4. Practical Christmas Money Saving Tips!

Here you’ll find PRACTICAL tips. On Day 72, I shared weekly plans to save certain amounts of money each week, but HOW can we scrounge up all that cash? That’s where the practical tips come in! Check ’em out below! It’s things like switching to a cheaper cell phone provider, selling stuff online & more!

Day 76: Christmas Money Saving Tips | 101 Days till Christmas

5. A Christmas Check up — how are YOU doing?

Did you know a lot of people struggle with the “Holiday Blues”? The good thing is, you are definitely NOT alone! So many of us can relate to feeling overwhelmed, stretched too thin and just plain struggling with life sometimes. Reach out to a family member or friend and share your heart. Have a heart to heart conversation with someone you love. Check in on your friends. It’s the best time of the year to do just that. Have a heart to heart.

Day 71: A Pre-Holiday Season Heart to Heart Conversation | 101 Days till Christmas

6. Schedule rest on your calendar for a happier, less-stressed Christmas!

If I’m learning anything in my 40s, it’s that in my 20s and 30s I didn’t know better (about a lot of things!) lol! But one of the things that I think could have made the biggest difference is I would have understood the importance of REST. I always struggled with “how” to rest with such a busy schedule. “When” to rest meant usually getting fewer than 6 hours of sleep and living cranky and tired most of the time. In my 40s, I’m learning that saying “no” is not just good, it’s imporant. It’s necessary. We NEED to rest. And God knew this. If we paid closer attention, He’s got instructions for 1 day of rest a week in His word, in the Ten Commandments. Rest is important. And it’s even MORE so this time of the year. So let’s put it on the calendar!

Day 87: Schedule rest on your calendar | 101 Days till Christmas

7. Get Inspired with these Frugal Fall Decor Ideas!

I’m not the craftiest, more decor-forward person in the world … but that’s why Pinterest exists! LOL! Feel free to click and check out my 10 favorite frugal fall decor ideas that will get us through Thanksgiving in the next 3+ weeks … and then we can jump right into Christmas! YAY!

Day 83: 10 Frugal Fall Decor Ideas for Busy Moms | 101 Days till Christmas

8. There are so many Christmas planners to help us stay organized!

I had NO IDEA! Did you know there were so many Christmas planners out there? I’m a planner girl. I love agendas and planners and calendars, paper and digital! But there are some Christmas planners and templates that you can buy (or download for FREE!) This includes holiday master gift idea lists, Christmas card address spreadsheets, budgets (like I mentioned earlier) and so much more! That’s why I wrote a couple of Christmas planner blog posts, including this one here below! Check it out!

Day 98: How many Christmas planners are there?! | 101 Days till Christmas

9. Fall Fashion Ideas!

Depending on where you live, you may already be rocking some cute boots and sweaters! Here in Central Florida, it was a record breaking hot October. And November so far has been pretty warm. Apparently, we may see 70s / 50s this weekend (yes, please, Lord!) 🙂 But in the meantime, these are fall fashion outfit ideas that work for warm Florida weather. Eventually, I may add a cardigan. lol

Day 57: Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas for Warm Florida Weather | 101 Days till Christmas

10. How to reduce Christmas money stress

Is the fact that we’re at 50 days & counting till Christmas giving you a bit of stress? Let’s chill out together! I compiled a list of tips to help us combat stress this holiday season, especially when it comes to money stress (which can be extra rough this time of the year.)

Day 75: How to Reduce Christmas Money Stress | 101 Days till Christmas

BONUS! Self Care!

If it’s reading a book, do it! If it’s buying that cozy blanket you’ve been eyeing on Amazon, click it! (As long as it’s on your budget!) 🙂 I put together a list of self-care ideas for this season that are great for fall … and as we get closer to winter! Hope they inspire you to slow down, rest & enjoy the season.

Day 93: Self care ideas for FALL! | 101 Days till Christmas!

That’s it! I hope these tips & more on the 101 Days till Christmas Countdown help you get ready for the holidays with more JOY and less stress than ever before!

Laughing thru life,


101 Days till Christmas Day 50 Top 10 Christmas Tips
101 Days till Christmas Day 50 Top 10 Christmas Tips