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FREE Car Entertainment for Kids! Music, eBooks, Movies & More!

*You may find affiliate links for things I love! At no extra cost to you, I could receive a small commission if you click and buy thru my links. Thanks! ~Coppelia
This might be the coolest thing EVER! … if you have kids and you spend a lot of time driving to things. Like us.
I know summer’s over (aaawwwwww!) And you might not be packing the car for a long road trip anytime soon (maybe for Thanksgiving!)
But if you’re anything like our family, we spend way more time in the car than I care to think about.
To drive pretty much anywhere in this big city of Houston where we live, you always have to plan for 40 minutes to an hour. And we’re pretty conservative when it comes to kids activities — my son plays football and my daughter is in gymnastics. I’d love for them to be learning an instrument and doing some other activities, but one per kid for now is enough to almost drive us crazy!
We try to have car conversations (hit or miss).
We play yellow-car-BINGO! (The kids yell Bingo every time they see a yellow car. If it’s a VW Bug, they yell GOLDEN EGG and win the game! Shout-out to Stacey for introducing us to the game!)
We listen to the Bible App for Kids stories (we’re fans of Cartoony Jesus!) It’s really cute!
Cartoony Jesus
And thanks to the Abuelos (grandparents), both my 10 year old and 6 year old have their own Kindle Fire tablets (this is my affiliate link — if you’re looking for a Kindle Fire and decide to buy thru this link, I get a commission at no extra charge to you. Win win!)

But, you know sometimes all of this gets kind of old. Until I remembered THIS!

We visited the library a few times during the summer and I remembered something we found out at one of the visits that might help me let go of some Mommy Guilt!
I always feel bad when I say yes reluctantly to the kids’ Kindle requests because I know we’re stuck in traffic, homework is done and yes, sure, you can play video games (insert mommy guilt here.)

But I remembered we have this amazing option to borrow FREE ebooks, audiobooks, movies, music & more from our local library!

Library HCPL eMedia
To be honest, I had been filing this in the back of my head, thinking at some point during the summer we’d do this.
Well, summer came and went, and so did 2 sets of grandparents, one major surgery (with a miraculous outcome, thank God!), plus a week-long summer camp and a few other things that kept us pretty busy these past weeks.
So now we are facing a bunch of hours in the car (you know, since we live in Houston and we’re back into the swing of things with school & after school events). Fun! LOL!
And now that we’re also facing another bunch of hours in the car for an upcoming road trip to my cousin’s wedding in the most magical place on earth (Disney World, here we come!) … I’m thankful that I had this e-information stored in my head for such a time as this!
I can’t wait to check it out!
(See what I did there? Library? “Check it out???”) 😉
Laughing (and e-reading) thru Life!