Is it Time for You to Dream Big?

Is it time for you to dream big
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What’s your BIGGEST dream? Is there something in your heart that you wonder if it’ll ever happen, and it maybe has you feeling scared? A while back, my answer would’ve been “uhhhhh … I don’t know?” My friend Logan, who happened to be my boot camp trainer at the time, got into my head. Great trainers have a way of doing that. He would ask “what are you doing today to get closer to accomplishing your goals?” “What are you doing to reach for your dreams?” It made me think: when was the last time I indulged my inner dreamer and tried to dream big?

What WAS my big dream? Did I even have one?

Boot camp with Loganitus by Kings Harbor 2015
This was from one of the first boot camps I ever did with Logan (of Loganitus Training!) He’s the guy in the back with the red tank! That was by Kings Harbor in Kingwood in 2015!

Sometimes, after you graduate high school, you start college and wonder if you’ll be able to achieve that career dream. (Or if you’re like me, you’re still trying to figure out your major during your first year of college!)

Sometimes, after college, you land your first job and wonder if it’s getting you closer to your dream for your life.

Sometimes, after you get married, have babies and get busy with life, it’s way too easy to have those dreams you used to have fall by the wayside.

Coppe y Adam get married!
We got MARRIED!!! Best. Day EVER! This was in Puerto Rico in 2004!!!

And sometimes, friends come into your life (like I think God brought me Logan) to help you remember, help you dream again or help you find a new dream.

Milestones and dreams

For me, in 2015, I was celebrating a HUGE milestone in my radio career: 20 years. WOW GOD! I never imagined I’d go from Puerto Rico to California to Texas to work at amazing radio stations, reaching people in the Caribbean and all across the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii!)! Wow, God indeed!

But when my friend Logan asked me what I was doing to fulfill my dreams, for some reason, it made me do a little bit of praying and soul searching. I was asking God if there was there a dream that I needed to awaken? Or reawaken? I’ve been passionate about singing and leading worship. And I was thrilled that I’d been getting amazing opportunities to do that! I’d always wanted to write a book. And I had been dreaming about starting my own blog!

So I started dreaming again.

To dream big, you gotta start somewhere. So…

I prayed and journaled.

I talked to my hubby Adam (who is a legit dream builder and encourager!)

We prayed some more.

And then, holding our breath, hopeful and dream-filled, we decided to take a crazy leap of faith.

I quit my full time radio job (after 20 years!) to go after those dreams: starting a blog, writing, singing, leading worship and speaking at women’s events.

In 2016, I saw God blow me away in making my re-awakened “dream big” dreams come true!

I self-published my first book “Whole.”

I launched this blog!

I flew to California to lead worship and continued to do so in my church and other local churches!

I spoke at women’s conferences in English and Spanish!

And then … in a somewhat surprising (but not really) turn of events, God brought radio back into my life!

I think this whole experience has reminded me to dream big again and not stop!

And I want to encourage you to do the same!

I’d love to be the friend who asks you, what is your dream? What are your 2018 goals? And what are you doing TODAY to take one step closer?

Don’t just think about it — post it and share it with me in the comments!

Laughing (and dreaming) through life,


Dream Big


2 thoughts on “Is it Time for You to Dream Big?

  1. This post truly blessed me Coppelia! Why should we not dream big, if God has promised to give us abundantly more that we can dream or ask for? Being very new to the blogging community, sometimes I get glimpses in the spirit of how far God will take me in this, but then I push those aside as foolish imaginations. But why not allow those glimpses to become dreams? Why not dream big? God put it inside of me, He will make it bigger than I could ever imagine! Thank you for always being an inspiration!

    1. AMEN (IN ALL CAPS) to this, Gerri! I agree and I struggle with the same thoughts. Do we dare to dream that God could truly do what He says in His word, exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ask or imagine. To think that He has more in store than we could imagine blows my mind! Let’s keep going after Him and delighting in Him! I can’t wait to see how He gives us the desires of our hearts! <3

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