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Meet Worship leader Coppelia Marie

I had a blast recording the two singles featured here.

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"SALVO SOY" by Apoc Antu (feat. Coppelia)

My friend Apoc invited me to record a super fun song with him "en español" that reminds me a little of superstar Latin duo Jesse & Joy. It's called "Salvo Soy" and I hope you love it as much as we do!


This is a song I recorded as part of The Really Really Big Christmas Show at my church, Second Baptist, in Houston, Texas. I was asked by my good friends Donnie and Jaclyn Boutwell if I could sing Donnie's song with a "samba flair" that he'd been dreaming of doing forever. I was honored! Performing and recording this was a dream for me, too!


Worship Leader Coppelia Marie

This is what I do pretty much every week! I love singing and leading worship at my church, Second Baptist Church, Woodway Campus in Houston, Texas.

Coppelia Singing Playlist

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